Wall struck: wallpaper

Step aside, Golden Girls! We're stealing yo' style. Wallpaper is back with a vengeance and this isn't just the palm leaf paper from Blanche's bedroom...(that was for you, Val - I love GG references!)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm totally digging the wallpaper style as of late. Take a look and let me know if you're into it too (or if I'm rapidly slipping into geriatric territory - yikes!):

Kelly Wearstler's imperial trellis print is by far my fave. So hot.
Photo by Elouise, spotted on Oh Happy Day!

The ever-famous Miles Redd did this room (as seen in Domino Mag, RIP). I love how the slightly overly feminine wallpaper is punched up with turquoise and chevron stripes - two of my favorite things.

More imperial trellis; I couldn't resist. This time in green and, surprisingly, looking a bit traditional when paired with white and dark wood.

Before I get too carried away with the old-looking stuff, I thought I'd revert back to the style that really calls my name - young, light, fresh and quirky. In case you're wondering what's on the wallpaper above, it's ostriches. Take a closer look below:

Yep, these snaps are from the living room of Michelle Adams (the genius behind Lonny Mag). I never knew I'd love ostriches on a wall so much. Oh but I do.

And finally, wouldn't this be amazing to come home to?:

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day
's entryway - pretty and sweet. Pretty sweet. The best part? That's temporary wallpaper that can be removed - a renter's dream!

So what's the verdict? Love? Hate? I need to lay off the Metamucil?

I am very tempted to try the temporary wallpaper idea on our tiny entryway, but I think B and I might get a preemptive divorce (is that possible if you're not yet married?) if I try to rope him into helping me. I do love the look though!

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  1. Blanche! Love her and her silky, pastel get-ups.