Whales ahoy!

Wallpaper kind of freaks me out (hello, doily post all over again). I mean, painting is pretty cheap and easy - and even easier to paint over if you mess up - but wallpaper seems much more permanent, expensive and easy to mess up (both in application and in design choice). Of course, I am completely wrong on this subject, but that's how I'd always felt, until now.

When I saw the pictures above of the new wallpaper from Pottok Prints, I went gaga for their whale print. Seriously, if I had les bebes, I would wallpaper their bathroom with this adorable print so fast that they'd be saying "Call me Ishmael" by the age of two.

How cute is this paper and all the amazing detail (check out the little ship at the bottom of the blue paper)? I also like Pottok's eco-friendly practices, including their use of water-based ink, recycled paper and that their wallpapers are hand-printed in California.

Do you think I could get away with using this paper somewhere in my own home, considering there are no official children here (beyond B and me)?

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