Nice glass

Anthropologie can always be counted on for a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring and over-the-top creative window display. My favorite part is that most of these incredible creations are pulled together with everyday materials such as paper, natural elements and so on, yet they still end up having this ethereal quality. Anthro window designers: do any of you want to come to my house and create something even close to one of your dreamy displays (and/or hire me to help do these amazing windows like this - swoon - every girl's dream job)?

Here are a few of my favorite Anthro displays from the past few seasons:




It's quite amazing when you look at the detail - each of these little plants is contained in its own plastic baggie and independently hung to create this overall visual display.


I love the little "b"s they have swarming around the oversized bee hive.


Can't wait to see the next window display these amazingly creative folks come up with!

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