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Seriously, this is not just me airing my dramatic side, but I literally gasped for joy when I saw Design Mom's post about a website called Vintage Printables, an absolutely amazing find. I can attest to its coolness (and that it's not just me being a nerd, which is sometimes [slash often] the case) because when I showed the link to B he said "can you send that to me too?" If the boy is willing to go so far as check it out again a later date, well, you know I'm not kidding around here.

Vintage Printables has loads of high-resolution images that you can download for free (that's right - zero dinero) and their breadth of collection is pretty amazing. From vintage prints of animals, botanicals, posters (like the one below) and so on, to more modern photos (like the one above), they've got some really incredible images to choose from for a variety of projects.

The best part is that the images are so high resolution that you can print them really large and they'll still be really crisp. So, if you're in need of some wall decor on the cheap, just save your chosen image on a pen drive, take it to Kinko's, have them print it on their large-scale printer, frame it (go with a cheapie frame from Ikea or Tarjay to keep the project inexpensive) et voila - instant art for not too much moolah. I like the example from I Suwanee of a fab room that she used for inspiration:

Now, do I want an octopus or a goat hanging in our guest bath?... (ha)

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