Bye bye, plastic bags

We've really been doing our best to be green as much as possible. We've done a complete overhaul, from little things like switching out all our old light bulbs to the new CFL counterparts and putting all our electronics on switch-off plugs (yes, that means I literally have to get off my behind and go turn on the panel before being able to turn on the tv - which is probably a good thing anyway) to bigger changes like reusing things, buying less and locally, etc. One of the easiest and best changes we've made is no longer using plastic bags for new purchases.

We did get several cloth-type reusable bags from the grocery store and a few free ones that Target was giving away (sense the obsession with Tarjay, anyone?) when we first made this switch, but since most of those bags didn't fold up completely or were somewhat large, I stored them in the side of my car door or in the trunk and kept forgetting to actually bring them into the store with me. I remember standing in line at Trader Joe's once and having to sprint out to my car to get the bags while the poor checkout guy waited on me to come back with all my bags.

Enter the Chico Bag. On our recent trip to San Diego, we came across this little gem at the counter of a kitchen goods store. For only $5, B bought it for me and we used it to haul our shopping finds home that day.

Since it folds up so small (see below), I now just stash it in my purse and forget about it. Then, when I'm standing in line at a store or grocery shopping, I can just whip it out and carry home all my new finds.

I've also found tons of other unexpected uses since I've had it. On a recent wakeboarding trip, I used to it stash our wet towels when we were getting off the boat, and it's great for hauling fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market or my various goods (sunscreen, flip flops, magazines, etc.) for a day at the park or beach.

If you don't already have one, or if you find yourself forgetting your current reusable bags in your car like I did, I strongly suggest getting one of the puppies for yourself. And, if you buy five from the Chico's website, the fifth is free. I might just do this and give one to B and give the others as fun little day gifts. Happy reusing!

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