Surfer girls

Photo from the Dear & Yonder website.

I remember watching The September Sessions for the first time and being so into it: the gorgeous landscapes off the Sumatran coast, the athleticism of the surfers (ahem, like I said about the hotness of boys on the water) and the awesome soundtrack made it and the culture totally obsessable. At the time, most of the surf movies out there featured mainly male surfers - legends like Kelly Slater and Rob Machado. Of course women's surfing became a lot more popular a year or so later when the abominable-yet-addicting Blue Crush came out (wasn't Kate Bosworth much hotter back then when she was buff and toned and not so emaciated?) and women have always been strong in the sport, but surf films have been pretty male-dominated for a while.

That's why I was super siked to see the trailer for Dear & Yonder, a new movie focused on females in the surf world (most surfers themselves, but also featuring an organic surfboard-maker, a geophysicist, a sailboat captain and a boardshorts designer). Even the tagline for the movie, "daring stories of ladies united by the sea," gets me amped for the DVD, which is due out in August. I can't wait to check out what the creators, Tiffany Campbell (wife of surf-filmmaker Thomas Campbell) and Andria Lessler, show us, as filming took place off the shores of Indonesia, Mexico and other stunning places.

Ashley Davis in Mexico (photo by tmc)

Tuamotus Islands (photo by Andria Lessler)

Stephanie Gilmore in Mentawais (photo by Jimmicane)

(All photos from the Dear & Yonder website.)

Sounds like one to add to the Netflix queue, people! (Or better yet, buy it here once it's available.)

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