Getaway cabin

Check out these charming photos of Tereasa Surratt's "modest cottage" - an 11' x 11' one-room cottage from the 1920s that she rescued from Beardstown, IL and turned into a weekend hideaway on Lake Wandawega in Sugar Creek, WI.

All photography by Aimee Herring, as featured in the May-June 2009 issue of Chicago Home + Garden Magazine.

The gorgeous lake location, the adorable styling and the inevitably cozy feel make this tiny cottage an ideal getaway from the bustle of a big-city job (Tereasa is a Creative Director for Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago. If you're interested, you can check out her personal website here or her cottage blog here). I think I'd even be willing to deal with the fact that it has no indoor plumbing (and thus no bathroom of any sort) to stay here for a long weekend.

So with no ramshackle vintage cottage nearby to rescue, what's a girl to do? Funny you should ask. Check out how creative this person was with a standard outdoor tool shed from one of the big hardware stores:

Photo found on House to Home

Hello: it's a freakin' tool shed! I love the idea that this person took a pre-fab tool shed, installed french doors and turned it into a gorgeous outdoor office oasis. I bet working out here would be a lot more fun than sitting inside. A can of blue paint for the interior and some great accessories, and you're all set. Add some lemonade, et voila: instant summer relaxation.

Now does anyone have a home slash a backyard slash a shed slash moolah for decorating that they want to hook me up with?

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