Bye bye, plastic bags, part deux

I was browsing through my stable of daily blog reads this morning when I came upon a post from Sherry of This Young House (lurrrv that blog and their gorgeous DIY house! shout out to Sherry - I'd be happy to join in the online lovefest with Katie, so can we become blog buddies too?).

Anyway, Sherry posted about reusable bags made by a company named Envirosax and, as you can see above and below, these bags are adorable.

Check out the Envirosax website for full details on the bags' size, weight capacity, etc. but basically they look very much like the Chico Bags that I posted about a few weeks ago (though I hate to say it, the prints on these are much cuter!).

See Sherry? We're so on the same page that we should be blog besties! (Don't worry, my days of stalking ended back in high school. Drive-bys, what?)

Regardless, be sure to pick yourself up a bag from either Envirosax or Chico Bags, and happy (green) shopping!

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