Project Natal (alternately titled "this is super creepy")

I am admittedly not a "gamer" (aka a video gamer nerd), as I would assume most girls out there are not. But most of my friends and I seem to have boyfriends/husbands that are into playing video games of some sort with their buddies (side note: maybe this is just because it's something they know they can do without us. Hmmm...). B and I did get a wii last year and have had a lot of fun playing tennis and old-school Mario (I swear, it's exactly like the version we all had on our Nintendo systems as kids), but that's basically where my video game interest stops.

So when I saw this new clip about Project Natal - a new controller-free interactive video system for Xbox 360 - I was completely blown away (slash creeped out slash totally intrigued). Check out this video clip, which talks about Project Natal and showcases Milo, a virtual kid who interacts with the video gamer and is able to recognize your voice, read body language and engage in off-the-cuff conversation. Totally freaky. Just watch this:

It's only a matter of time before robots take over the world! Just kidding (sort of)...

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