Wish list - citrus tree

I came across this photo on Design*Sponge the other day and it reminded me of how much I'd like a citrus tree to grow indoors. Since we don't have our own outdoor garden to plant anything in right now, we're relegated to growing whatever we can fit in our makeshift container gardens on our deck and in the guest room windows (which actually get the best light of any room in our house).

While I have a bit of a black thumb (R.I.P., my many past orchids), B is a dedicated grower (coming from several generations of gardeners, both on his mom's side and his dad's) and has successfully weaned pepper plants, basil, aloe and even sustained a bonsai tree from our little abode. We're hoping to add in tomatoes, snap peas, lettuce, broccoli and lemongrass or some other bug-deterrent grass someday, but for now we're all maxed out on dirt space.

However, last holiday season, I saw a gorgeous lemon tree in a catalog and realized how much I'd love to have one for inside our house. It reminds me of the giant Meyer lemon tree my grandmother grew when I was a kid. The lemons on that tree would get so big and so heavy that they'd almost pull over the potted tree with all their juicy weight. I'm not actually a huge fan of lemon flavor, but I remember that the lemon tree filled the sunny den with the most lovely scent, and really, who could turn down an icy glass of lemonade on a summer day?

Perhaps instead of a lemon tree, I should consider a dwarf orange tree or even an avocado tree. I love both oranges and avocados and I bet either might smell wonderful. It would be so nice to just pick an orange off my indoor tree and squeeze it for fresh juice or grab it for a quick snack on my way out the door or while hanging out on the patio.

If anyone out there sees this (cough, B, cough), feel free to keep this in mind come the holidays. :)

p.s. With summer here and avocados finally in their peak season, I feel like I can't get enough of it. On sandwiches, salads, for homemade guacamole and more, I'm loving avocado on everything. Just thought I'd share... Anyone else using avocado on everything these days?

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