Doily delight

I can't believe I just wrote the words "doily delight" above. I mean, beyond the alliterative cheesiness (yeah, yeah), it's more so that I never thought I'd put those two words together. I'm often afraid of the doily - it reminds me of a grandmother's (not my grandmother, who is a highly stylish woman, but grannies in general) floral upholstered chair with a doily draped over the top (why would you put one over the back anyway?) or even cutting out the hearts from paper doilies to make Valentine's Day decorations. Not a fan overall.

Then I came upon the adorable print shown above from kiss her (via Decor8) and maybe - maybe - changed my mind. I think the darling styling in the photo above really helps, plus the deep sea blue color makes it seem less doily-ish and more modern. Love doilies or hate 'em, isn't this print cute?

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