Tsp spices

I'm not enough of a cook to have lots of different spice bottles in my kitchen, but I've often come across a situation when I need, say, anise for a recipe and I don't want to pay the hefty price for an entire bottle of it, knowing that I probably won't be using it a ton in the future, only to have it sit there for months (okay, let's be honest, maybe years?) unused.

Enter tsp spices. Each of their spices comes in a pre-measured 1 tsp. packet, which is contained in an orderly tin. How fab would it be to simply have these tins stacker or lined in a cabinet or drawer, instead of the mish-mash of bottles (or worse, the cheesy matching spice rack - no offense, wedding-registry people)?

According to its founders, two ladies who felt "utter despair that we could ever maintain an orderly spice cabinet – and the frustration of finding one too many stale bottles of cardamom or coriander," tsp spices sells all organic spices. The packaging is simple and clean, and the tins come either in single spices or variety packs. If I ever cooked (cough), these would be great, or better yet as gifts for the more crafty folks in our family.

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