Trophy Cupcakes

Trophy Cupcake and Party's Chocolate Graham Cracker and Toasted Marshmallow Cupcake

Just came across the most delectable-looking cupcakes when downloading some Martha Stewart podcasts the other day. Giving the East Coast's famous Maganolia Bakery (which I find a little too dense and sweet anyway) a run for its money, Seattle-based Trophy Cupcakes and Party looks like it has some amazing cupcakes. I especially love the single cupcake packaging (which you can see in the video clip below), as one or two of these delectables would make a great hostess gift. They also do cupcake towers (with an actual mini-cake for a topper), which would be great for a wedding or baby or bridal shower.

You can watch a video clip of Trophy owner Jennifer Shea making their Chocolate Graham Cracker and Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes on The Martha Stewart Show (back in March 2008 - after she'd only been open a year!) on Martha's website here. This clip only features them actually making the cupcake batter - it doesn't show them making the icing or Martha and Jennifer wielding flame torches to get that golden hue on the tips of the icing - but it's worth watching nonetheless. It's a shame I couldn't find a clip of the intro portion because Martha was absolutely giddy over these. It was weird to see her amp up her energy level any more than her usual dry "it's a good thing" but she was positively siked over these gorgeous (and, according to her, delicious) cupcakes. They must be a good thing.

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