"Miracle on the Patuxent" (ha)

Yes, that's correct. The above is an image from Fox News' broadcast on Friday evening, where they claimed that 32 kayakers (including B and me) were "trapped in the surging Patuxent River." This is true in some ways but the story was mostly untrue in how it was reported, though you can read more about the whole thing through the blog from the Patuxent Riverkeeper (the group that ran this trip) here.

In the end, every single paddler was accounted for, safe and without any major injuries (we all got some scrapes and cuts on our legs, plus a litany of bug bites, but nothing beyond that and the occasional poison ivy), so the story was majorly overblown. The news helicopters, vans, reporters (who hung around for hours) and various fire trucks and ambulances were probably overkill too. :) It should be noted that we all got back on the water the next day and easily paddled for the next four days without any further incident.

Jeesh, it was definitely interesting to see how the media flocks to any situation, as well as the spin they put on things. Email me or comment here if you want more info. Otherwise, don't believe everything you read and happy (safe) paddling!

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