Style-maker. Diva. Terrifying. Bob and sunglasses. A devil... who wears Prada. Now you know who I'm talking about, right? That's right kids, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the development of the September issue of American Vogue, featuring the inimitable Ms. Anna Wintour. The movie, entitled The September Issue will - I'm sure - be a-mazing. I cannot wait. Check out the preview:

I love the part when one of the senior editors enthusiastically suggests some hideous pink thing, to which Ms. Wintour just stares her down and snarkily snaps "no." The poor woman got shut down so fast she never even saw it coming. I can't wait for this real life Devil Wears Prada! Girls night out, anyone? Mojitos beforehand and then bitchy editrixes to follow. I'm in!

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