Mi cave es su casa

I would be happy to live in this cave, as long as they have good cell phone reception and wi-fi (?). Too bad it's in Missouri (sorry, show-me state, but that's a bit too far from the seaside for me) and the family has to eat under an umbrella to avoid falling sand.

The cave certainly has benefits though. The geothermal and passive solar keep the home at 65- to 70-degrees year-round without a furnace or air conditioning. The property has at least three groundwater springs, with one that yields about 100 gallons a day and feeds into an indoor pond. The property also gets beautiful waterfalls from the cliffs when it's rainy. And, if living in a cave itself wasn't interesting enough on its own, it has a fascinating history, including being a roller rink in the 60s and a concert venue in the 70s, including shows by Tina Turner, MC5, Bob Seger and Ted Nugent. It was then a glass recycling center until a realty team bought it. The family who developed it into a "home" was auctioning it on eBay for $300,000. Anyone interested?

(Note: the family recently received a new home loan and is now staying in their cave indefinitely. Still crazy/interesting though.)

More pictures of the home, including the interior, can be found here.

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