Glidden giveaway

If you haven't heard about the Glidden National Paint Giveaway, then read this post and then run - I repeat, hoof it - to your nearest Home Depot to check out the paint chips in person, then log in to the Glidden website to cash in. I wasn't even planning on painting anything anytime soon, but thanks to Glidden's generousity (and hopefully remaining stock, since this is "while supplies last" between June 25 and July 2), I am heading out to peruse the paint chips and then back home to (hopefully) claim my free quart.

I think this is pretty amazing, and can't wait to delve into one or two new projects using my quart of gorgeous, creamy paint. A quart obviously isn't enough for a whole room, but I'm thinking it will be perfect to paint a chair (perhaps a soft blue - something beachy and seaside) or perhaps something more dynamic to add as a pop on the back of bookcase shelves. Any thoughts? Regardless, make sure to get in on this, and let the free quart be your inspiration for a new project!

By the way, how funny are these Florida billboards for Glidden?

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