Summer grilling

As I mentioned in an earlier post, summer in Annapolis is synonymous with boating. But it's also synonymous with grilling and barbecuing with friends. At our friends' house last summer, B was too impatient to wait for one of the bacon cheeseburgers that was still on the grill, so instead he grabbed one of the barbecue chicken breasts that was ready, piled it on to a burger bun along with the intended bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato, as well as some additional guacamole (avocado works too) et voila, a masterpiece was born.

Since then, our friends have made it a regular entree at our casual summer fetes and we love to make it for an easy, delicious summer grilled sandwich.

My mom gave me a bunch of magazines the other day (she reads them, then passes them on to me, then I give them to my book club girls - recycling at its best!) and I really liked perusing through the new Food Network magazine. I happened to notice that the cover features one of Bobby Flay's favorite burgers - which looks just like B's concoction (except swap his BBQ chicken for the original burger as discussed).

Delicious and easy. Either with a burger or BBQ chicken, with the addition of avocado (or guacamole), cheese, bacon and toppings, it's truly delish. Pair with a summer drink and you're all set for a party or a casual evening dinner. I'm getting hungry just writing about it. Mmm....

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