Faux Wes Anderson Film Festival

I am a huge Wes Anderson fan (from Rushmore to Royal Tenenbaums, I love them all), so seeing this hypothetical Wes Anderson Film Festival project cracked me up. Alex Cornell, the designer behind this behemoth all-inclusive (yet imaginary) project, meticulously created each piece for the "festival," including packaging, stationery, essay and promo materials. I think he did an incredible job of developing an identity for these materials that fits in flawlessly with Wes Anderson's film style (include the Futura Bold font, quirky quotes and hazy photos). Genius.


iPhone/iPod skins

Website - media landing page

Stationery (letterhead, business card, envelope, stamp)

Festival schedule

Soundtrack - record cover

Record - side A

DVD 1 - cover

DVDs 1 and 2

DVD carrying case - fits discs 1 and 2

Bus shelter poster

Taxi ad


Presentation box that held all the materials

All photos by Alex Cornell. You can read an actual blog post from Alex about the project here. There is also a pretty hilarious "trailer" here. I think I might just love the Wes Anderson stamp the most. :)

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