The smallest horse in the world

My boyfriend is very sweet. He sent me an email yesterday with a link about the world's smallest pony; he thought I would think it was cute and that I should post it here on sea*life*style. Wasn't that nice of him to think of me and this blog?

The pony is cute, true. Check him out:

Snark alert:
But what kind of blog does B think this is? I am not posting about cats here, people. (Oops.) Sweet thought on B's part nonetheless.

And just to prove I am not the world's biggest beyotch, here is a bit more info about Einstein the tiny pony:

Einstein was just 6 pounds and 14 inches tall when born. He is a half pinto stallion and was born last week in Barnstead, New Hampshire. He is not a dwarf, he was just teeny tiny at birth. You can get the full story here, if you're interested.

And to prove that I really love B (and horses too, right?), here's video of the little guy:

Kinda cute, no?

Here's a link to the video, in case you can't see embedded vids (via YouTube).

So there it is, the world's smallest pony. Enjoy.


  1. I'm not a big fan of horses in general (one sneezed on me when I was 13. i've never been the same since), but I want to POCKET this lil' guy and never give him back!

  2. I think I am the only person on earth who does not like this tiny pony. It went viral yesterday for sure. And honestly, it creeps me out. It's like tiny alien pony. Could this be subconscious self-hatred for small beings? You be the judge!

  3. I am so afraid of horses - did you know that? but anyway, they make me nervous, but this little guy is so darn cute that i would love to play with him!