Flowers in unexpected places

I've been a huge fan of the succulent arrangements that Kelly from Yes, Please creates for, like, ever now, but she's blown me away all over again today.

Kelly came up with three amazing guest posts for 100 Layer Cake where she focused on using "everyday objects...to create some unique centerpieces." She even created DIY step-by-step instructions for each one (links at the bottom of this post).

Peonies in pegboard - who knew the thing that once held your grandpa's tools could look so soft when paired with frilly peonies? These two are so perfect I almost thought they were fake.

These yellow "billy bobs" are so cute when coupled with succulents, and even more unique and rustic when housed in a railroad tie. I also love the modern metal table number leaning casually on the wood.

A cement block as an arrangement holder? Sure, why not? Looks lovely with these anemones, fragrant rosemary and field flowers. Nice (and cheap!) use of a cinder block, Kelly!

You can see additional pics on Kelly's site here, or get the DIY instructions here, here, and here - let me know if you attempt any of these - so pretty!

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  1. Love the idea to put the flowers in a peg board! I'm going to have to try that!