Inspired by: bookcases

With all my reading of late (thanks in part to a gift from my mom and also thanks to our public library's awesome online hold system where I select books I want to read, they get them in and set them aside for me - for free [woohoo!]), I am in need of a place to put all my books (not the library ones obviously).

Aren't these perfectly styled bookcases gorgeous?

From MDEsign via Shelter

From Domino (RIP) via Say Yes to Hoboken

From Domino via Oh Happy Day

From Domino via Say Yes to Hoboken

I love that the top image and bottom image both show bookcases with colored backs. I'm considering doing that with one of our bookcases (don't mind the crappy iPhone photo):

What do you think?

Also, do you spy the "This Land is Your Land" print nestled in there? I'm not yet sure that's the perfect place for it, but I do love that print!


  1. Your hard-on for organization perplexes me; but I sure am glad someone out there likes this stuff. Us slobs need you to balance us out. :)

  2. Did you know people make entire livings organizing others' bookcases, closets, etc? I know, a revelation for you, L. :)
    p.s. If you want to hire me for that job, I'm happy to do it!