Paper and pencil

Photo via Brooklyn Limestone

I didn't even realize I'd been bookmarking pictures of journals, notebooks and writing utensils I liked, but today I saw a few of these pics in my inspiration folder next to each other and I realized I had writing on the brain. Here are a select few notebooks and pencils that I found especially enticing.

These journals are pretty; made in the material of choice for architects, designers and nerds alike (moleskine); and sporting inspirational phrases to boot:

From here; spotted here.

I'm still working my way through The Happiness Project, but in it author Gretchen Rubin talks about 1-sentence journaling. I've never had the patience to write in a journal or keep a diary every day, but I think I might be able to handle one sentence a day (I am keeping a blog, after all!).

This lovely blue book would certainly help keep me on track:

Buy here; spotted here.

And last but not least, something with which to write in all these paper goods:

Buy here; spotted here.

Because people who like to draw are awesome.

Would you like any of these notebooks or pencils? A nice little surprise "day gift" from a friend perhaps? Or just a nice treat for yourself on a rainy day like yesterday?

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