Dreaming of getaways

With my return to work, I think my brain is already in vacation overdrive. I've been dreaming of exotic locales and awe-inspiring trips to take for days now. Luckily for me, the blogosphere provides plenty of inspiration. Here are three interesting idylls that have caught my eye lately:


At the Utter Inn in Sweden, it's just you (and perhaps one other person, preferably someone you like a lot) in a typical Swedish red house. This red house floats one kilometre out on Lake Malaren (where you're brought by boat). You can have dinner delivered to you by boat, or use their inflatable canoe to visit a nearby uninhabited island. You can also swim and just relax in general. And oh yes, and the sleeping quarters are below the water level, so you fall asleep with fishes swimming around you and eying you suspiciously. Kinda weird, kinda cool.
Spotted on mix tape.


Villa Else is not too far from Utter Inn - it's located in Denmark in the middle of Søllerød Nature Reserve and facing beautiful forests. This bungalow is so cozy and cute:

Photos by Stuart McIntyre. Spotted on Walking Around.


Perhaps the swankiest of all. The entire page was in Spanish (or Portugese?) so I don't have too much info on this house, other than that it was photographed by Romulo Fialdini. Sorry. Pretty, though, no?
Spotted on Aubrey Road.

Ahh, to get away. A girl can dream... Until then, I'm excited for today - it's supposed to be 82 degrees! Hello, summer! (Wait, where did spring go?...)

P.s. If you think sleeping in a treehouse would be more your style, check this out! And don't forget about the possibility of swimming on the edge of a waterfall - yikes!

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