Casa de Chloe

I know these photos have been around forever (since the January 2007 issue of House & Garden, evidently) but I just now realized that they are of Chloe Sevigny's house! (Duh.) I guess I had seen the first photo, but not the second (which is of CS and her designer, David Cafiero of Cafiero Select). I think I expected her East Village home to be much more quirky, as she seems to be, but the two photos above are nothing but lovely, if not even a bit preppy and proper. (New note: check out the next room. I stand corrected. She's still quirky for sure.)

(Ick. )

Going back to the first photo, I love, love, love the entry to her East Village home. The wallpaper is stunning (in case you're interested it's Imperial Trellis from Kelly Wearstler's line) and doesn't get too granny, thanks to the white trim, earthy wood floors and fun styling. I adore the green bike.

Interesting spread overall (sorry I'm two years late). It's certainly a mix of the edgy grannyness (I definitely just made up that term) that I'd expect from someone like Chloe Sevigny with more traditional (yet still fresh) design. Hm. Great to peek into though.

Photography by Francois Halard for the magazine.

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