Best wedding photo booth ever

I know I previously rambled about my need for a photo booth at my own (hypothetical) wedding, but when I saw the below photos I nearly died. I think I would even be willing to give up my obsession with old-fashioned photo booths for an awesome set-up like this. It's so fab! Check out a few of the photos:

This amazingness (yes, I know that's not a word, but in this case, it fits) occurs when you put together the brilliant minds of an amazing event planner, a world-class photographer, and a bride who also happens to be a wedding video genius by trade.

Sasha Souza (the fabulous event planner mentioned above) covered wood with wallpaper, hung frames over the cut outs (which I assume were created before the wallpaper was hung), then the bride added family wedding photos to the smaller frames around the cut outs. How cool? I also love the idea of customizing the wall to match your wedding's design scheme - how great would it be to use wallpaper that incorporated all your colors and fabrics or design details? Heaven on wood.

Check out the photographer's blog for a few more photos and continue swooning as I did. So completely cool! (The baby in this last pic is so cute.)

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