Lovely (collaged) ladies

Fabric scraps, plastic bags, feathers. Who would have thought these the materials of such lovely pieces of art? And yet Australian illustrator and graphic designer Kat Macleod creates these fabulous collages using just such materials. If you look closely at the works above, you can see how each uses watercolor paint, freehand drawing and an additional element (such as fabric or feathers) to give it a quirky 3D facet. Her work is fresh and fun, with such a feminine feel to it.

Kat is represented by The Jacky Winter Group
(check out their site for more images of her work) and has prints for purchase through Lamington Drive.

She was also the illustrator of a book entitled The Cocktail, which, once I started looking at her work, I now remember having seen at Anthropologie last year or so.

With its flirty pink cover, fun illustrations by Kat and 200 drink recipes, how great would this be as a hostess gift (perhaps paired with a bottle of champ or some cute glasses)? I think I might just order one from Amazon right now to have on hand for the upcoming holiday season (it will be here sooner than we think!!).

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