Welcoming entry

If I had this entryway to walk into every day, I'd breath such a breath of fresh air every time I walked in the door. How cute is that green bureau? I love it as the sole splash of color in the very white space. Even more so, I love, love, love the silver lamp set atop the bureau, with its ball/dome things and the drum lampshade. Also, it's kind of hard to see in this photo, but I think the mirror is some kind of shell/rock creation that looks so beachy and fresh. I have a friend that makes mirrors and frames like that herself from shells she's collected from her travels and she swears it's not that hard. Perhaps that's a craft I'll try sometime...

Doesn't this area just say "welcome home" (or better yet, "take off your shoes, the beach is just out back!")?

Photo from House and Garden via Shelter.

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