Underwater sculptures (alternately titled "I admit it: I love JT")

(Warning: I might still be a bit drowsy from our late-night return. My apologies in advance.) Okay, here we go. So, not sure if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but I found this very cool post from...Justin Timberlake's blog. (It was my first time there, I promise. I found his site through someone's retweet about sarcasm and then, bam, I saw a post on his site that was awesome.) Aw, hell, I admit it - I love JT. Especially his stints on SNL ("All the Single Ladies" anyone? He was pretty good in a leotard and heels. And "D*ck in a Box" and "J*zz in My Pants" were hilarious too.) Anyhoo, before I get worked up into a lather over JT, let's get on to the actual post about this underwater sculpture park.

British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor has created several sculpture installations for an "underwater park" in the waters off Grenada (an island in the West Indies). Snorklers and divers can check it out up close, but you can watch a video about it here:

I think it's slightly creepy - the people are so realistic looking that they seem to be slumbering in watery graves - but I do think it's absolutely beautiful and breathtaking as well. Another cool thing about these installations is that the sculptures act as artificial reefs to attract various marine life and promote coral growth, which is a good thing for the underwater ecosystem there.

To find out more about his underwater sculptures, go to the artist's website or to his YouTube channel. And thanks, JT.

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