Polaroid's possible demise

Image from Flickr via Fanny Foodbeam

I keep forgetting that Polaroids are supposedly going the way of the dinosaurs, but then I see a blog post with a Polaroid pic and it makes me sad. They were so iconic in my generation (a child of the 80s): I remember being a kid and anxiously waiting as the photo would develop. It was almost like getting a present - seeing what the picture looked like when it fully developed (keep in mind this was eons before digital).

They were just making such a great comeback too, as the camera choice of hipsters and bloggers alike. I love their oversaturated, overexposed quality and the rad white border. Well, rest in peace, Polaroid instant film. You will be missed. (And thank goodness for PhotoShop and being able to fake it from here on out.)

Update: evidently I am completely in the dark ages, as it seems there is a possibility that Polaroid might be saved. Check out the article about the Austrian artist and businessman who is trying to produce a replacement for Polaroid film, here. His website, called "The Impossible Project," can be found here. Also check out "Save Polaroid" here.

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