House of Turquoise

I just found House of Turquoise via Mary Ruffle (who else?) and went gaga over all the gorgeous blue and beachy rooms (which, as you know by now, are my faves). I saved about half of the images for my inspiration folder before realizing I should share this site and some of the pics. Here are some other great ones. I love that the photos above and below are a mix of bright and cheery as well as more subdued and sophisticated. Maybe if I ever have a big girl house I'll incorporate a mix of all of these:

I've saved all of the photos with credit information (so if you click on the photo you'll get some more info on the designer or source), but you can get the full info and links on the House of Turquoise site. I'm adding this new (to me) website to my blogroll right now; hope you enjoy too.

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