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I'm trying to be a little brave. I've sent a tweet (my first one ever!) to my 13 followers (laughable, I know) and shared the link to this little blog. Two of my best friends have never even seen my experiment in blogging, so we'll see what everyone thinks. Please don't laugh too hard. :)

Honestly, though, I'd love it if any of you wanted to leave a comment, here or on any of my past posts, or if you felt like sharing the blog with anyone you know. And I hope you enjoy yourselves, even a little bit. (Today's page of posts happens to be a bit frothy and silly, but if you go back through some older posts there are some interesting ones scattered throughout...I think.) Thanks for perusing!

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  1. I'm diggin the blog! I'm venturing out into the blogging world myself, but I have all this stuff drafted and nothing posted -- it's hard to be brave! Way to go, hot stuff.