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Ever since I was a very little kid I remember wanting an outdoor shower for our house. My mom used to tell me how the house I was born in (which was just blocks from the beach) had a little enclosed (but open-roofed) outdoor shower that she would take steaming hot showers in, even in the dead of winter, and look up at the stars. How dreamy is that?

Here are some of my favorites "open-air showers" from around the interwebs:

Three photos above by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, as seen in Coastal Living

Photo by John Clark, as seen in Dwell

Modern minimalist shower in Montauk, NY by Murdock Young

A more preppy shower by Murdock Young

Simplistic, unsheltered shower in California by Feldman Architecture

Photo by Maura McEvoy, as seen in Coastal Living

Throw in a bar of soap and a nice fluffy towel and I'd be ecstatic with any one of these outdoor showers. (I think I'd even be brave enough to use it throughout all the seasons.)

Plus, if you have kids or pets, it's the perfect place to give them a good hose-down after the beach (or soccer game, or mud puddle, or any day in the life of a kid/pet really) before they enter the house.

So whatever you use it for, an outdoor shower is a win-win (or should I say "wang to the wind"?) situation.

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