Rollerskating birthday party

Photo from Flickr

First of all, how retro, sunny and happy is this picture? It made me want to lace up and get outside when I saw it. Then, after I realized I don't actually own any roller skates (unless my mom still has my rainbow-laced pair from 1989), I thought about the 2005 cinematic masterpiece that is Roll Bounce. (Kidding. But I did once watch it on a plane, and I'll admit - that two-hour flight went pretty quickly. And I once came home to find B on the couch on a lazy Sunday watching it. So there you go.)

After that weird stream-of-consciousness moment, I thought back to a recent birthday party we went to for one of B's friends: A roller skating party. For a 30th birthday. And yes, it was amazing.

The best part about it was that it was in the same roller rink B went to as a kid. The "Skate Palace" was still complete with psychedelic swirly carpet, archaic arcade games and decade-old rental skates. Oh and a bunch of people who evidently aren't aware that the 70s are over. We had the best time. We skated to the 80s hits the deejay "spun" the whole night, did the hokey pokey when he called it, and skated accordingly during couples skate, slow skate, reverse skate and so on. I successfully abstained from what looked like vintage hot dogs and classic cafeteria pizza, and - even with a few falls amongst us - we all had a blast. Also, who knew what a good workout roller skating seems to be? The next day, my quads and calves were super sore! I guess I attempted to "shoot the duck" one too many times. I was also probably much more fit in 7th grade (though not to incorrectly date myself here - we actually went to the rollerblading rink - roller skates were so passe by the time I hit middle school). Anyway, the whole thing was a great idea for a grown-up throwback party. Thanks for hosting a fun one, Jen and Kyle!

Me, lacing up to get out on the skate floor. (Okay, okay, that's really Lauren Conrad at the Pepsi Throwback Party. Sigh. Pepsi always copies us.)

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