Bridal party outfits

Lavender and red would not necessarily be my first choice for wedding colors, but I do love this example of bridesmaids/flower girl dresses that coordinate beautifully but aren't too matchy-matchy. The photo is, of course, from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Here are two other gorgeous examples of coordinated-but-not-matching bridal parties, both of which are from J. Crew:

These tonal pinks are, again, not my top choice, but look really pretty together. I love how the "bridesmaids" are accessorized differently but the ensembles all work as a whole (minus the cardi in the middle?).

I love this wedding party, which would fit in perfectly with a green and pink color scheme. Each of the dresses is in the same taffeta-looking fabric, so they work nicely together, even though each is a different color and shape/cut.

If I ever get married, I hope to do a favor for my peeps and let them choose their own dresses/suits. I think I'd go to Home Depot, pull a paint chip strip that uses my colors and hand it out to the bridesmaids so they know what type of colors I'm going for, and then say "be free and enjoy!" Sounds much better than putting them through this sort of thing, right?:


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