Candy-coated cake

Sorry this photo isn't very good - I took it with my iPhone in Barnes & Noble two minutes before they were closing, so it's not my best photographic work ever. Nonetheless, how cute is this cake? It's from the August 2009 issue of InStyle magazine section. I think this would be such a great idea for a fake-it recipe: take a store-bought cake (or if you're feeling ambitious, a box-mix recipe), add a tub of store-bought frosting, then put on these candies and your cake looks a million times more chic. Who am I kidding, I would just buy an already frosted cake from the grocery store and then slap on the candies. Much easier, same effect. Too cute! Also, I love that you can customize the candy (and hence the colors) to your event. So easy for any occasion, though perfectly adorable for a baby or bridal shower, birthday party or a last-minute dinner.

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