Shaw looks good to me

The Shaw House in Vancouver is a very modern-looking house but completely genius:

How incredible is this front door area?

Here's the view from pool level (which is obviously above the front entrance area):

Since the lap pool is above most of the house, there is this very cool entry area where you can see up into the pool. (Jeesh, you'd really have to be on point with your self-maintenance - I'm sure things could look really scary from that angle!) It's also located on the west side of the house, meaning that tons of light floods through the pool and into the central area of the home. I love how it bounces off all the surfaces, creating these amazing textured reflections on the walls:

Oh, and the inside is kinda okay too:

Here's the view:

You can check out more pictures of the interior and read about the floorplan on the Patkau Architects website (the firm who designed the Shaw house).

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