A mish-mash.

Okay, enough whining. You didn't comment on the curtains wholeheartedly. Whatevs. I'm over it and back to posting some schtuff for now. I'm still on the run with work, errands, friends, etc. so today you're getting another mashed-up post. Sorrry. But I loved all this stuff, and didn't have time to do separate, full posts on each, so consider this a "top hits" for today. Hope you likey. (If not, well, fine.) :)


We just bought tickets for another Vampire Weekend show (they're coming back to MD in Sept. - woohoo!) and this time it's an outdoor show, so we got lawn tickets. I'm thinking I may need this blanket for the occasion:

Cool, right? I'm not hugely patriotic, but the slightly off colors make it just cool enough (and not something a dude with a mullet would bust out on a cold day at a NASCAR race...right?). Available for 68 bucks at Urban Outfitters. Spotted on Design Crush.


Next up, an awesome poster and an even better blog post about said poster:

And here's Abbey's awesome write-up, from Abbey Goes Design Scouting (hope she doesn't mind I'm including it here - she wrote it, I had nothing to do with it - I just wanted to share because I liked her description):

Whenever there was a particularly pink beautiful sunset my mother used to say “Red at night, sailor’s delight but red in the morning, sailor take warning” meaning of course, that a pink sunset indicated that the next day would be clear. I always loved the way ’sailor’s delight’ sounded and would say it over and over in my head. When I saw this sweet poster I was immediately brought back to childhood and running around in the pinky dusk of a Vermont summer night.

The poster is only $30 at Brainstorm Print and Design.


Finally, the most awesome way to wake up every day. I'm going to have to give this a try, though I think standing on the sink like that would result in me smacking my head on the ceiling or falling off the sink altogether (or both, which is highly likely with me since I am very klutzy). This kid is awesome - a mini Tony Robbins. I picture this to be Sara McKelvey's future child (watch out, Dan).

Oh, come on, it's only 50 seconds. Go check it out (if you can't see the embedded video): here.

Check out the full blog post on Daily Bits of Beauty for more "How to Have an Awesome Day" tips.


Aaaand, that's it for now.

Have a good Thursday, peeps!

I'm out.

x, r.


  1. gotta say i don't "get" the american (sorta) flag blanket;) and i gotta say i miss your more regular postings!!!

  2. AMAZING!!!!! THAT IS MY CHILD!!!!!!