Did I mention that I flippin' love Vampire Weekend? Well I do. I'm super excited for this week's release of their sophomore album, Contra. I've only briefly heard the songs from it (thanks, iTunes, for the previews) but so far I'm obsessed with "Horchata" and decently into "Cousins" as well. ("Giving up the Gun" and "Diplomat's Son" are the next runners-up, but not nearly as good as H and C.)

The band still really reminds me of Paul Simon from the 90s, though Contra seems to be a bit more mellow and has less African influences than VW's first album. B-T-dubs, if you haven't heard the first album (self-titled) yet, run to iTunes now. I love "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," "A-Punk," and even the over-played "The Kids Don't Have a Chance" - actually, I love all the songs from that CD. And how could I possibly not be into a band that has an entire song about grammar ("Oxford Comma")?

It's like channeling Muffy and Biff from the Preppy Handbook right into your iPod.

Both Vampire Weekend CDs are now available online at amazon.com (but skip the hard-copy CD and just go to iTunes for the digital versions).

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