Sum (bedding) is greater than its parts

Does anyone know where this photo came from? I only saved the quilt info (which, if you're curious, is the poppies quilt from John Robshaw). Der. Sorry for the unaccredited photo.

I was going through my home design files the other day and came across the above photo, which I had ever-so-brilliantly labeled as "bad room but good textile layering_John Robshaw Poppies quilt." Thanks, real helpful, R.

I think what I meant by that brilliant labeling job was that when I look at each item in this room individually, I don't really like them (not a fan of the curtains, the lighting fixture, or even, surprisingly, the headboard), but all in all, I love this room.

Whoever designed it (again, not sure whom, since I so aptly labeled the image) did a great job of layering things in this room so that all together, it really works. I don't necessarily love those black pillows or the tri-section headboard, but with the layered bedding it looks so good. How sunny and nice would it be to wake up in that gorgeous bed on a dreary winter day?

The bedding mix is the real winner in this room, so I'm going to try to remember that the next time we update our linens (ahem, registry items).

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