Work it out: the Type-A's dream desk

I haven't actually seen the Winter 2009 issue of Better Homes and Gardens in real life, but I came across some photos from the mag on Paper Source's blog and lurved this uber-organized work area:

The overall color combination is a little more bright and "funky" than I'd use in my own house - I love the orange, green and blue, but I'd probably use just one or two accent colors (instead of all three) with white or tan or something slightly more mellow - but I die for all the organizational materials used.

This is a Type A's dream here, people. If I ever work at home, I'm going to need a space like this stat. (And don't you love all the wrapping paper organization? This stuff is like crack to me. Laugh if you will.)

Are you cleaning up and organizing your space with the arrival of the new year? I know I've been doing some streamlining and organizing (starting with under our bathroom sink - how exciting) and it feels good to glean in 2010! Any great organization ideas you've come across or done yourself? I'd love to hear...

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