Have a great weekend!

Screenprint by Darling Clementine on Etsy - only $45 buckaroos! - as seen on design is mine

Isn't this sailor print so stinkin' cute? I thought it was a fun way to start out the weekend. Yay - it's Friday! It's a dreary, drizzly Friday here, but Friday nonetheless. I just keep repeating to myself that it's supposed to be 51 degrees on Sunday. Perfect for some playoff football! (Forgive me, I'm in a fantasy league for the first time ever and it's been surprisingly fun...especially since I am winning in my league! Thanks, B, for the advisement.)

Any fun plans for you this weekend? Will you be watching football on Sunday? Do you have a favorite team? Or are you so over it by now, since it's been on for over 5 months now(!)?

Hope you have a great one and see you back here Monday!

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