DIY easy chevron wall stripes

Not to sound like a 13-year-old girl, but...OMG I am OBSESSED with this project.
The beautiful and amazing Stephanie Sabbe of sabbespot (which is a totally new-to-me blog as of today, but now I'm super excited to read some of her archived posts) made this awesome chevron-striped wall herself using...drum roll, please!...contact paper. Annnnd, she said the whole thing only cost the price of the contact paper (which is el cheapo compared to paint and/or wallpaper!) and took only an hour to do.

One. Hour. That means in less than the time it takes me to get through my DVRed episodes of Ellen Masterpiece Theatre (what?) I could do this on my own wall. Which I am. B, brace yourself, it's happening. I'm so excited!

Cheap, easy, removable (perfect for us renting folks), and pretty subtle (gotta love Stephanie's tone-on-tone choice), yet makes a big impact, this seems like the absolute ideal project for a renter who's hankering for something striking on a wall. I'm in.

Project originally found on Design*Sponge, but a major thanks to Stephanie for sharing the details and step-by-step instructions for all of us!

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