A love letter for you

"Love Letter" is a project by Stephen Powers in which he produces the sweetest street art I've ever seen. The large-scale murals are scattered throughout the city of Philadelphia - which is, appropriately enough, the City of Brotherly Love - and I think the sentiments are so adorable.

The project also helps bolster local small businesses by giving them free paperbacks documenting the project, which the businesses can sell to visitors, as well as by providing a free "sign school" to train area youth and businesses on how to paint their own signs.

Wouldn't you like to see these on your commute instead of just traffic?

Beautiful. And much better than the F-bomb laden graffiti you normally see. I'll be keeping my eyes open for these next time we're in Philly (which is often).


  1. I wrote an article about this!


  2. Nice article, Val! I love that you managed to get quotes in about both heroin users wanting OJ and lack of punctuation. :)

  3. Aw. These make me happy. We have a lot of murals in SF, but they don't normally have any definite message of sorts.