Grown-up girls' get-together: sleepover party

Photo found on Fairy Tale Diaries tumblr site

Morning, everyone! Sorry for the slightly late start today, but I've got cozying up under covers and just hanging around on the brain and am therefore moving a bit slowly. With that all being said, when the very cool Anne Sage from The City Sage posted about having a "grown-up sleepover" a few days ago, it struck a chord and I've been thinking about it ever since. Especially with these gets-dark-early-and-is-perpetually-cold nights of what seems like an everlasting winter (we still have, like, at least two more months of winter to go! ack!), I feel as though a night in, hanging out with my girlfriends, would be a perfect Friday or Saturday night.

As Anne suggested, "Makeovers and movies, 'Truth or Dare' and Ouija boards, snacks and sleeping bags...these were the things that made being a little girl awesome, and can't we all use more awesome in our lives?"

Photo from Martha Stewart Kids

So girls, who wants to come over some weekend and have a sleepover at my house? I'm sure B will be happy to have a boys night and return the next day, and we could hang out by the fireplace, drink milkshakes (spiked or not) and eat popcorn, paint our nails and play MASH. And yes, S, you can wear your onesie.

We'll need tons and tons of pillows and blankets. How about these beauties?:

Cozy comforter (and so pretty!) from Rubie Green

We could even set up a tent in the middle of the living room! This one is from Cath Kidston, as photographed by Marcus Nilsson for Country Living.

Of course some cute PJs are in order.

These silky pants from Victoria's Secret are surprisingly non-slutty.

I'll provide the DVDs of cheesy chick flicks, plus the fireplace, snacks and drinks, you all come armed with a pillow, PJs and maybe some MadLibs. Then next morning we can either go to yoga or go out for brunch and continue on our weekends refreshed. (Sorry girls: I love a good party, but I'm no chef, so you will not be waking up to freshly made Belgian waffles.) Sound good?


  1. I would definitely be down for a girly sleepover sometime! I'll bring snacks!

  2. Awesome! I'll provide the virgin milkshakes for you, oh preggers friend (well, I guess they won't really be "virgin" then - maybe "non-alcoholic" is more appropriate to say). ;)