MacBook? Bookbook!

Sadly, I am not an at-home Mac user (it was Mac by day at work, Sony Vaio by night at home for me), but if I had my own MacBook or MacBook Pro, I'd gladly protect it with this hilariously clever and attractive Bookbook laptop case from Twelve South.

Bookbook's cover is made from rigid hardback leather, but the interior is a soft velvet. So you not only look like Vincent Price when toting about your laptop (ascot and smoking jacket not included), but your computer is protected from falls, bumps or would-be thieves. Brilliant design! I know what I'm getting my brother - King of the Mac - for his birthday gift next year!

As originally found on Made By Girl.


  1. Pretty clever. Is B getting one of those new iPads?

  2. They need a "like" feature on here, like they do on FB.