Have a great weekend!

Photo by Mike + Doug Starn via 20x200

It snowed here last night. Big, fluffy flakes that came down for a solid few hours, all the while looking beautiful when we caught a glimpse of flakes from the darkness as they drifted in front of the outdoor lights. It turned out to be nothing big - work and driving went on as normal - but I can't believe this is our third snow this winter and we're only just getting started. Brr. The snow looks really pretty, but I'm kind of bummed to think that we have a solid three more months of cold. Grr.

Anyway, the upside of things is that it's Friday and the weekend is almost officially here! We have a busy one this weekend, from going to my mom's house for a big furniture delivery, to celebrating her birthday, to a friend's graduation party, and more. Any fun plans for you all this weekend? I hope you have a great one, and see you back here bright and early on Monday!

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