Have a great weekend!

Photo via Kelly McCaleb

Happy Friday everyone! How cute is the picture above? I couldn't resist posting it. In (a reach of) an effort to make it make sense with this post, let's just say that adorable baby is really excited for the weekend, shall we? :)

So speaking of the weekend, do you have any good plans for it? Any of you (in Maryland) doing the Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday? If you haven't signed up yet, but still want to, it's not too late. Just click on the link in the previous sentence and you can register online, or pay tomorrow on-site. We've done it the past two years with groups of friends and it's been a blast, though this year the group has dwindled (due to: a bike race, pregnancy, a head cold, a roommate's birthday party, and various other reasons), so we're not sure if we're going to make it or not. I know either way we'll be celebrating the great effort and all the money raised for charity by cheers-ing to the Plungers past and present.

I'm signing off for the weekend, but I'll be back on Monday with fresh new posts. Hope to see you back here then!

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  1. Those blue eyes....photo looks like you as a baby. Awwww so cute. Have fun this weekend.