Happy little cottage and bloggy check-in

Good morning and happy hump day! How is your week going so far?

I noticed I haven't been getting as many comments as usual lately - and I looove hearing from you all - so I wanted to check in and see what you're thinking. Are you still liking this little blog? Anything you're missing? Anything you want to see in particular? I'd love to post some stuff that makes you all happy, so let me know your thoughts, even if you only have a moment. Pretty please?

In the meantime, on this so-far-sunny Wednesday, how cute is this cheery little house?

Photo from Sanctuary Home

If it has a garden in the backyard, I'm sold!

Hope to hear from you today...sometimes it's lonely out here in the blogosphere... :)

More posts to come today. See you back here soon?


  1. I love your blog and love the great ideas I see. Sometimes hard to respond in the middle of actually getting paid to do other things - aka-work- than read your blog but know that I am a faithful blogfan and am reading and smioing ever day more than once a day. xoxo

  2. I love the blog and think you're doing an excellent job of making it visualy pleasing as well as fun to read.

  3. this house could only be better if it were overlooking the ocean!!!

  4. If this house is in Annapolis, it has one bathroom and cost 700k. Should we go halvesies? I have a request for inspiration: sectional sofa and other couch ideas that will set the tone in my home and coordinates with a mostly navy oriental carpet.

  5. Cutest house EVER. Seeing as I will be eternally single, I plan to move into whatever house you and B purchase. Thought I'd give you the heads up now! ;)