Reason to wake up on a snowy Friday morning: sale at Target!

Target is having a sale! Hooray! (Not that their stuff isn't normally [and gloriously] affordable, but this is great!)

Check out the fun stuff (aka needless but cool anyway stuff) currently on sale in the Red Hot Shop:

I've been eying this fun ikat skirt from Heidi Merrick since the spring!

This has got to be the prettiest dart board I've ever seen.

I love the idea of this growth chart. No more pencil marks needed on your walls!

Fancy-dancy lingerie bag, complete with lavender sachet - ooh la la!

This is the perfect tee for an old salt. I love the blue color and the pretty illustrated sea creatures.

And now for the drumroll please: The New Year Home Event means most of the home goods are 10-40% off, and there's still 10% off and free shipping for items over $100.

Annd, the sale includes the upholstered chairs I've been obsessing over for, like, ever. This one is still a touch too pricey for me to buy right now (see how responsible I'm being, B??) but I am drooling over the amazing deal.

So what does this mean? It means get out there (or go online) and snag yourself some sweet deals from the mothership Tar-jay! It's my Friday morning gift to you. Enjoy! :)

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